The Theme & Variations Foundation has been formed to encourage and support exceptional young Australian pianists in need of financial assistance to realise their highest potential.

All answers must be accurate and are subject to verification. Applications must be submitted with all references attached. A copy of your birth certificate or passport must be provided and signed by a justice of the peace as a true and valid copy. Where documents have been omitted or are late, candidates may be disqualified.

Applications can be made via the form below.

You will also need to provide a video of a solo piano performance (not with an orchestra or other musicians). You can do so by providing a link to your YouTube video or by posting a DVD to us.

All applications, including any performance DVDs, must arrive by Friday 5th October 2018, 5pm AEST.

Please address to Scholarships and Awards Team, Theme & Variations Foundation, 451 Willoughby Road, Willoughby NSW 2068.


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Are your family members helping you with your music studies? Please describe their level of financial and other support and your own financial position. In order to ensure that the financial awards go to those who really need them, some of your financial statements may need to be verified independently.

Please list the piano competitions you have entered and the results, including the financial rewards.

Please identify any potential sources (scholarships, prizes, endowments etc) of funding (and the amounts) for the forthcoming year.

At which Australian or overseas educational institution are you undertaking or have you undertaken your studies? Please provide the precise name of the approved course and contact details, and attach evidence of any ongoing exceptional achievement.

Please describe your current personal accommodation situation.

Apart from financial hardship, are there any obstacles for you in achieving your musical goals? If so, how would you describe them?

Are you currently receiving any scholarship or similar support? If so, please provide details (eg amount, time frame, etc)

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