Applications will be open in 2019 for young Australian pianists, under the age of 25, who wish to apply for financial assistance from Theme & Variations Foundation.

Congratulations to our 2018 Award Recipients

Leanne Jin and Annie Ma were selected from the five finalists to play a thirty-minute program on November 11 2018 for an independent artistic assessment panel of Professor Michael Brimer and Professor John Luxton.

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Previous Winners


20180807 or this one Rachael Shipard from Nat Piano Awards 20180807 or this one Oscar Wong cropped to 4.37x5x300 202180807 Calvin Abdiel 4.37x5x300dpi
 Rachael Shipard  Oscar Wong  Calvin Abdiel


20180807 Ayesha Gough 4.37x5x300dpi 20180807 Alexander Yau 3.7x5.300dpi  
 Ayesha Gough  Alexander Yau  


20180807a or this one James Guan 4.37x5x300dpi Version 2 20180807 William Shi 4.37x5x300dpi
James Guan Robbin Reza William Shi


20180807 Pavle Cajic 4.37x5x300dpi 20180807 Alex Raineri 4.37x5x300dpi 20180807 Sabina Im 4.37x5x300dpi
Pavle Cajic Alex Raineri Sabina Im


20180807a or this Tony Lee 4.37x5x300dpi 20180807 Hank Xiang 4.37x5x300dpi 20180807 Joshua Han 4.37x5x300dpi
Tony Lee Hank Xiang Joshua Han